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I Love Bass: EP2 Civic Feature

There’s a sick feature over on I Love Bass of an NI JDM style EP2 Civic that’s worth checking out in full. The EP2 chassis seems to have always been neglected over the earlier EG and EK chassis which have always been and continue to be very popular, with a particular cult following on our shores. I always thought the EP2 chassis looked awkward in standard guise especially in comparison to the cleaner, more simple lines of the EGs and EKs. The owner of this particular Civic, Dave McMaster, obviously enjoyed a challenge because this is one really slick and purposeful looking Civic, sitting on perfectly stanced Rota Grids, wheels that I have yet to see look bad on any car. There’s some other cool features like the quick release steering wheel, stripped interior and carbon fibre Mugen spoiler that add to that aggressive look. Check out the full report here. Props to the lads over there, they’ve got some really dope shit going on.



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